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Sean Owen

Meet Sean Owen

Sean Owen is the owner and creator of All Heart Consulting and Coaching. He is a passionate and driven individual that is interested in serving his community. Sean Owen is a Certified Addiction Counselor, Certified Experiential Specialist, Certified Yoga/Meditation teacher, and a Certified Anger Resolution Specialist. He is focused on personal growth and sharing his experience with others.

Sean has worked in the addiction field at many different levels. He started as a clinical assistant working with all populations for a large psyche hospital that focused on addiction and mental health. He went on to work with the primary substance abuse population at a local IOP as a counselor in training. At this location, he grew tremendously in learning about day-to-day care along with administrative duties. After this position, he went on to become a recovery coach at a local start-up PHP and IOP. At this location, he developed a skill for mindfulness and recovery coaching which sparked his dream of opening his own recovery coaching business.

Sean Owen Life Coach

Sean Owen started a small coaching business with one of his mentors in 2018, this quickly became a successful adventure but after a year of doing this and a mutual split, the coaching business was dissolved due to a partner leaving the state. During this time Sean received a new opportunity to move into business development for a large treatment center where he currently works.  Sean works daily in the trenches combating addiction and helping individuals struggling to find the proper treatment for their substance abuse or mental health disorders. He has a love for this industry because of his own personal experience with growing up around those struggling with addiction and then himself falling into the grip of addiction. Sean has been sober for 6 + years and he is extremely grateful for his new life.

This dream of becoming a coach and consultant has stuck with Sean throughout his journey and he refuses to quit. He is following his heart and it is opening the door to the All-Heart Consulting and Coaching Brand. He is a natural-born leader and chases his own personal development with the desire to win. He is highly motivated and is very focused on helping others to achieve greatness. Sean wants to help you to become the best version of yourself because he is on that same journey. Nobody is perfect but we believe that it is so important to lead by example.

Good is the enemy of great, so start your journey today.

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