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Phil Houston

Meet Phil Houston

Phil is a mental health therapist, wilderness guide, meditation teacher, and breathwork instructor. Drawing from years of experience in the wilderness therapy field, Phil aims to help individuals strengthen their relationships with themselves through empowering experiences.

After years of guiding backpacking trips for teenagers and young adults with severe mental health struggles, Phil went back to school to get his Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Currently, he is a mental health therapist in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he works with teens and adults struggling with issues, such as addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, or life transitions.  With training in holistic approaches, such as EMDR, breathwork, mindfulness, somatic techniques, and nature-based experiences, Phil uses an approach that addresses the Mind, Body, & Soul.

Phil Houston All Heart

Phil works for All Heart out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and works to help people in North Georgia and Tennessee become their best selves.

With All Heart Consulting, Phil offers coaching services in meditation, breathwork, coping skills, and nature-based practices. He also facilitates teen rites of passage programs with his program, Appalachia Crossings. Learn more about that here.

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