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Jonathan House

Meet Jonathan House

My name is Jonathan House, and I am a person in long-term recovery. My personal recovery journey began on March 8th, 2017. In my journey, I have taken a 12-step approach to recovery and combined it with clinical education. Helping others find the path to serenity has become my life mission. My previous attempts at recovery were made by myself and as a result, I understand that connection and help from others are vital to recovery.

Addiction is a three-part disease that attacks cognitively, physiologically, and spiritually. My experience shows that all three must be addressed for a peaceful transition to happen. I tend to lean on a spiritual approach. I am also adept in cognitive distortions and work to identify these by increasing awareness of them first and then replacing a more reality-based point of view.

Jonathan House Life Coach

 The way we think leads us to how we feel, which fuels how we act and further reinforces our mode of thinking. Let me guide you out of a toxic cycle of thinking, feeling, and acting and into a more peaceful way of thinking about recovery and experiencing the liberation of energy that can be focused on the areas of your life that you would like to improve.

I was a recovery coach at Sober Men Living for 20 months where I began my schooling in the addiction field. I became an Anger Resolution Specialist and understand the importance of addressing unresolved anger to offer a state of peace to anyone that is stuck in the bondage of self. I am a Certified Experiential Specialist and use a hands-on approach in sessions to offer an experience that will stick. I became a Certified Addiction Counselor and am currently a Counselor at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center, where I have worked full-time for the past 21 months. I have had an opportunity in my experience working in the field of recovery to witness what works in recovery and what does not, let me guide you into what does work.

I have spent my time at Sober Men Living as a life coach in addition to a recovery coach. I have learned how to passionately create and achieve my own ambitions in life. With a positive outlook on life, there is an intense excess of energy available to be dispersed at will. Having tapped into this energy I strive to guide others into this positive mode of thinking. From there we will discuss time management. Having a better idea of time, we will then create a list of goals. With a list of goals, newfound time, and a positive attitude we have a powerful machine and will break each goal down into action-oriented steps toward achievement.

I thoroughly enjoy watching my clients’ lives change immensely. I do not do the work for you, but I will walk right alongside you as you achieve your wildest dreams.


  • Certified Addiction Counselor Level I: CACI
  • Certified Experiential Specialist: CES
  • Anger Resolution Blueprint Specialist: ARBS

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