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Chris West

Meet Chris West

Chris West is the Program Director for Serenity Over Suffering. Chris is a person in long-term recovery and has a deep passion for helping others on their journeys. Working in the field for over 2 years, he’s trained to be a behavioral health technician, program director, Certified Recovery Coach, training to be Certified Addiction Counselor 1, and Certified Peer Specialist for addiction and mental health.

He continues to find ways to grow in this field to be better equipped to assist anyone who is ready to begin their recovery process. Helping others grow and reach their true potential is a driving force that Chris holds himself to as well. He enjoys going to the gym, practicing yoga and meditation, hiking, reading, and being an active member of his recovery community.

Chris West Life Coach

Born near Atlanta, Georgia, Chris moved to Cobb County in 2017. He currently works at the North Georgia Recovery Center in Kennesaw and has previously worked at Inner Voyage and Agape, both of which are in Woodstock.

Chris has a fiancee, Alexa, and the two of them are raising their first child, Kai. He regularly attends recovery-oriented events and gatherings, such as the recovery climb night at the Stone Summit in Kennesaw. His compassion for others goes beyond the recovery field as well. Chris does regular volunteer work at Mostly Mutts, an animal shelter in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Chris is a Certified Recovery Coach through The Zone in Marietta and is currently working to become a Certified Addiction Counselor and a Certified Peer Specialist for Addictive Diseases.

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